Filter blog posts on NationBuilder websites

Our clients who are active NationBuilder bloggers often need a tool to categorise their blog posts by tags and we solve this by using awesome plugins such as Isotope and MixItUp. Both are easy to use and look great so we thought we would share a quick tutorial for you to freshen up your NationBuilder blog pages with the MixItUp plugin.

Add Next and Previous links to blog posts on your NationBuilder site

If you’re anything like our favourite progressive clients, you’ve got an excellent blog where your supporters keep up-to-date with your latest news. Your legendary crew are creating winning content for your campaign. People love reading your posts and always want more. Why not add a “Next” button so folk can easily continue through to each subsequent post with a click? You could even add a “Previous” button for all those history buffs! Read on to find out how…

How to include feature videos in your NationBuilder feature slider

Update your slider to support Youtube & Vimeo

We love using videos in feature content sliders for our clients sites and decided we would share the way we include videos from YouTube and Vimeo through NationBuilder’s standard slider tool. Our improved “_features.html” makes it easy to add a great looking video modal. Want to have a mix of images that trigger videos and other images that link to pages, no problems!

Bootstrap staged donation pages on NationBuilder websites

A quick tutorial to update NationBuilder’s staged donation pages for use with the Bootstrap template.