Conditions of Service

Scope changes - budget and timelines

We are generally able to accommodate further design and development requests throughout the project, especially where these relate to native NationBuilder functionality and page types. However, significant changes to the overall scope of the project (defined as more than five hours of additional work outside the initial scope), will incur extra charges at a rate of $140/hour. We would of course discuss the potential for any additional costs with you in advance of completing that work.

Any additional work you request outside the original scope, or any delays in providing the required design material or feedback on our work, may delay the final launch date.

Completion of work

The project is considered complete upon delivery of a product that meets the scope which all parties agree to upon acceptance of the proposal, and/or otherwise mutually agreed as part of subsequent revisions to the scope, and which is consistent with the design mockups approved by you. We understand that most projects involve making minor tweaks along the way and after launch, including in response to user feedback. That is why we offer:

  1. To carry out any further revisions to the product to ensure it meets the confirmed designs and scope for the project at no extra cost, for up to two weeks after delivery of the product for your review. 
  2. To carry out any bug fixing and troubleshooting for the product for free, for up to two weeks after completion. 
  3. As per the conditions outlined above in relation to scope changes, we are also happy to help out with minor tweaks to the design and/or functionality of the product beyond the initial scope (i.e. based on user feedback) at no extra cost, up to a maximum of five additional hours of work across the project, for up to two weeks after completion of the project. 
  4. Once we start to move beyond what is offered via points 1, 2 & 3 above, we would need to discuss an updated budget. 
    • This could be in the form of a block of prepaid support hours for ongoing maintenance and minor updates; or
    • Via a quote for a larger body of work with a predefined scope.

Intellectual property

We will never share any privileged information related to your campaign and/or communications strategy with third parties without your express consent.

Promotional material

We may publish completed work as part of our portfolio and promotional activities. If you do not wish for this to occur, please let us know before confirming your project with our team.


The payment for your project is due in two 50% instalments, one at the outset of the project and the other upon completion of the project.

We require payment of the first 50% instalment before commencing work on your project.

External services

Prices quoted do not include domain registration or the costs of email hosting (e.g. G Suite), platform subscriptions (e.g. NationBuilder fees), payment processor fees (e.g. Stripe), image licensing, web and database hosting (e.g. through Heroku or Amazon Web Services for any custom applications included in the project), or associated infrastructure use (e.g. if external email, SMS or call services are required for your project).

Theme licensing

For NationBuilder website development projects, unless otherwise agreed, the theme we develop for you is intended to be used only for the website in question. If you would like to use the theme across multiple websites/nations, we offer the following licensing arrangements.

  • Full Licence: $1990
    Under this licence we agree to share the theme with all the different nations and sites you need during the next 24 months. Customisations may incur additional costs and would be handled separate to this licence.

  • Per-site Licence: $490
    In the absence of a Full Licence, we can make the theme available to individual sites/nations associated with your organisation for a one-off fee. Customisations may incur additional costs and would be handled separate to this licence.

  • Optional Add-On: Theme customisations & extensions: $140/hr
    If additional nations/sites that access the theme under the above licensing conditions need further customisations and extensions, we can undertake that work at the rate of $140/hour. We can provide an estimate of time required to complete the work in advance of commencing.