eNewsletter Instructions

How do I include sections?

The eNewsletter dynamically pulls pages from your Supporter Nav into the designed sections. You can add sections straight into your template by doing the following:

  1. Add the NationBuilder page to the Supporter Nav
    (Go to Page Settings of any NationBuilder page and select the checkbox "Include in supporter nav")
  2. Add the tag to the page based on the design elements below (i.e. "eNews Full Width")
  3. Add an image to the share section of the page to include the image in the design
  4. Ensure any links are added to the excerpt, rather than the body of the content

Design Elements Tags

  • "eNews Full Width" - Full width image and content
  • "eNews Vertical" - Image above content, 50% width on desktop
  • "eNews Horizontal" - Image beside content 
  • "eNews Advertising" - Full width image, linked to URL

eNews Full Width

  • Maximum pages included in design - 4



eNews Horizontal

  • Maximum pages included in design - 2



eNews Vertical

  • Maximum pages included in design - 2



eNews Advertising

  • Maximum pages included in design - 2