Exercise 1 - Basic HTML
Exercise 2 - Inline CSS
Exercise 3 - Using CSS classes
Exercise 4 - Creating a new basic page in NationBuilder
  1. Log into your nation and click the "Website" link in the top navigation menu.
  2. Select the "+ New page" link in the top-left
  3. Give your new page a name and a slug, then choose "Basic" as the "Type of page" and click the "Create page" button at the bottom
Exercise 5 - Creating a custom page template
  1. On your new basic page, navigate to the "Template" tab
  2. Click the "Create a custom template" button
Exercise 6 - Add a custom snippet to your page template
  1. Choose one of the code snippets from the list on this page: www.codenation.com/snippets
  2. Copy the code for your chosen snippet and paste it at the very bottom of the custom page template you created in exercise 5
  3. Click the "Save and publish changes" button at the bottom of the page. You can now review the live page to see the extra section you added at the bottom!