South Australian Nature Alliance

Placing nature protection at the heart of decision-making

The South Australian Nature Alliance is striving for a restoration economy that places nature at the heart of decision making and supports jobs, regions and well-being by investing in our essential natural ecosystems. In 2020, we designed and developed their first website, which needed to present a significant amount of information in a way that was digestible, while also maintaining a strong connection to the South Australian natural world and the people working to support it. 

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Catalyst Miami

Supporting community-driven change and paths to economic mobility in Miami-Dade County

Founded in 1996, Catalyst Miami’s mission is to identify and collectively solve issues adversely affecting low-wealth communities throughout Miami-Dade County. They help to meet families’ financial needs, provide coaching and tools to establish long-term wellness, and create effective coalitions of change-makers. Their vision is a just and equitable society in which all communities thrive.

In 2020, we designed and developed a new website for Catalyst Miami that supported their vision and it continues to  contribute to their important work by conveying their professionalism to supporters, donors and partners while also maintaining a strong connection to their local community. 

In 2021, the site we created for Catalyst Miami was a Reed Award finalist for Best Grassroots Website. 

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Better Futures

Bringing together climate champions from all walks of life

Acknowledging that we need everyone – across all walks of life – to realise the opportunities of a zero emissions future, Better Futures Australia works to complement climate work already underway and scale success stories across the country. We used our Candidate template as the base for their new site, providing a package of custom design, development and expert NationBuilder support to help them launch as a new organisation.
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Australian Conservation Foundation (ACF)

Catalysing the impact of volunteer leaders at Australia's peak national environment organisation

The Australian Conservation Foundation (ACF) is Australia’s national environment organisation, pushing for bold solutions to climate change and habitat destruction. We are proud that we have been able to support their advocacy efforts over the past few years - especially during crucial election seasons. Our services have included the creation of custom pages to drive volunteers to action, as well as the development of several custom tools to help coordinate the work of those volunteers.

We continue to work with ACF through their use of SupporterBase, which empowers volunteers to organise and lead their own groups - giving them the ability to run their own events, email, call and message fellow supporters, all while safeguarding supporter details and syncing data to their CRM. 

Give A Dam

Helping fight the destruction of the Blue Mountains national park

GIVE A DAM is the grassroots community campaign to stop the destruction of the Blue Mountains national park in NSW, Australia, and over-development in western Sydney from the raising of the Warragamba Dam wall, a proposal being driven by developers against the wishes of local communities. 

The website we created for GIVE A DAM needed to support their key campaign tactics by integrating strategic public awareness campaigns, direct action contacts with local politicians and support for on-the-ground activism to persuade key decision makers. 

In 2020, the website we created for GIVE A DAM was a Reed Awards finalist for Best Website (Overall), and we continue to work closely with the GIVE A DAM team to support their ongoing campaign.

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Stop Adani

Growing the biggest grassroots movement in Australia's history

Building the movement representing 1.5 million Aussies

Fighting for the Reef, Indigenous rights, and environmental sustainability. We've lead the digital implementation of #StopAdani and the #StopAdani Alliance, a collection of incredible groups representing 1.5 million Australians now working together to bring an end to this mine. We continue to work with the #StopAdani team to deliver design, website development and custom applications to support their organising needs.  

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