Queensland State Elections

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Queensland State Elections

With Queenslanders heading to the polls this weekend, our campaign partners in the Sunshine State have been in full swing, working tirelessly to keep the environment and a sustainable energy transition on the agenda. 

In the run up to the election the The Queensland Conservation Council set out an environment agenda for the next Queensland Government, and have released some impactful research on the potential employment boon associated with transitioning to renewables; Solar Citizens have a great breakdown of the economic, employment and environmental opportunities at stake in each major region; Our Living Outback has been keeping MPs accountable on protected areas and land management jobs; and we were excited to see the Queensland Greens make good use of our Candidate theme for the campaign, rolling it out for a number of, well, candidates, including Amy MacMahon and Michael Berkman. 

The work of these groups and their allies has already led to some great wins and election commitments, and I am in no doubt they will continue working just as hard to keep the next Government accountable.

October 30, 2020

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