Conditions of Service

Scope changes - budget and timelines

Any changes or additions to the agreed scope of work (as outlined via email or proposal document) will incur extra charges at a rate of $AUD 250/hour (exc GST), to be added to the final invoice. For work requested on expedited timeframes which has an impact on our existing schedule, a rush fee may apply.

Any additional work you request outside the original scope may delay the final delivery date and/or may not be possible at all on the timelines requested, depending on our capacity at the time.


Please note that where a deposit is required to start the work (as stipulated in the proposal), any delay in making payment of this deposit will delay delivery of the work. The final invoice will be sent on completion (defined below), and unless otherwise agreed is payable within 7 days. Once an invoice is overdue, you will receive weekly automated reminder emails for five weeks or until the invoice is paid. One the invoice is 36 days overdue and all automatic reminders have been sent, and in the absence of any prior arrangement, we reserve the right to apply an additional admin fee of either $200 or 5% of the outstanding amount, whatever is greater. 


Timelines are based on our best estimate of the work involved, and unless specifically agreed, are not guaranteed. In particular, turnaround times are contingent upon us receiving, in a timely manner, accesses, materials and advice required to carry out the work. 

Completion of work

The project is considered complete upon delivery of a service that meets the scope which all parties agree to upon acceptance of the proposal, and/or otherwise mutually agreed as part of subsequent revisions to the scope. 

Privacy and security

We will never share any privileged information related to your campaign and/or communications strategy with third parties without your express consent, and will only ever access your account in order to carry out technical support, account management services and any other work requested by you. 

In order to do our job, a subset of employees will require access to your NationBuilder account (and potentially other accounts depending on the service you have requested). In order to share the workload and remain responsive, and consistent with the practices of most service desks and/or technology providers, it is not always possible to identify in advance which team members will work on any given task, so we may need to provide relevant colleagues with access to your account. However, as part of their employment with Code Nation, all staff are required to adhere to appropriate security practices, and are subject to legally binding confidentiality agreements which dictate their access to and handling of client and supporter information.

If you have specific requirements with regard to privacy, security or confidentiality - for example custom contracts or waivers you need us to sign -  please let us know and we'd be happy to oblige. 

Promotional material

We may publish completed work as part of our portfolio and promotional activities. If you do not wish for this to occur, please let us know before confirming your project with our team. 


Unless otherwise agreed, we are not responsible for uploading or updating any content as part of this work. 

Validity of quote

Our quote - including all terms outlines in our proposal - are valid for 30 days. After that time we may need to revisit budget and timelines. 

External services

Prices quoted do not include domain registration or the costs of email hosting (e.g. G Suite), platform subscriptions (e.g. NationBuilder fees), payment processor fees (e.g. Stripe), image licensing, web and database hosting (e.g. through Heroku or Amazon Web Services for any custom applications included in the project), or associated infrastructure use (e.g. if external email, SMS or call services are required for your project).

Theme licensing

For NationBuilder website development projects, unless otherwise agreed, the theme we develop for you is intended to be used only for the website in question. If you would like to use the theme across multiple websites/nations, we offer the following licensing arrangements.

  • Full Licence: $1990: Under this licence we agree to share the theme with all the different nations and sites you need during the next 24 months. Customisations may incur additional costs and would be handled separate to this licence.

  • Per-site Licence: $490: In the absence of a Full Licence, we can make the theme available to individual sites/nations associated with your organisation for a one-off fee. Customisations may incur additional costs and would be handled separate to this licence.


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