Free digital consultations for anyone working on COVID-19

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Free digital consultations for anyone working on COVID-19

It is clearly an anxious time given the spread of COVID-19, and all of the health risks and disruptions that entails. Our thoughts are with all of those suffering the worst of this crisis - from those that are ill or have loved ones unwell, to casual employees and fellow small business operators bearing the brunt of the economic impact.

We have been heartened to see the determination of our partners in the community who are not only continuing their important campaigns (mainly digitally, for now), but are also finding the time to do whatever they can to help in the current crisis.

Inspired by those efforts we've been considering what small contributions we can make. While we wish we could do more directly, unfortunately we are not health professionals, but we have come up with a couple of simple ideas for small ways to help.

That’s why we are offering free digital consultation sessions to anyone working on COVID-19. Whether you are an individual who wants some expert feedback on an online petition, or a non-profit that could benefit from talking through exactly how you might be able to use your database to coordinate support for the more vulnerable in our community, feel free to get in touch.

Free Nations

At the same time, our friends at NationBuilder are also looking to lend a hand where they can. They are currently offering free software and services to state and local governments, their contractors and agencies, and NGOs organizing essential service provision and emergency response for COVID-19. You can find further information on this here:

All the very best to you and your community, from the entire Code Nation Crew. 


P.S. We have been working remotely for about six years, so if you ever want to talk tips for staying sane at home, let us know :)

We love hearing about upcoming projects and campaign ideas. Get in touch to request a free consultation today!

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