March 2018

Petition ridden to Parliament

Two Pilbara pastoralists rode horses to the heart of Perth to deliver an Outback petition with 7000 signatures! What a powerful statement demonstrating just how much Western Australians care about the people, nature and future of our Outback.

Time for Melbourne's West

Melbourne's western population will more than double over the next 30 years but politicians need to do more to make sure we have the transport services. Checkout the campaign!

Helping protect paradise

The long-awaited launch of SCEC! Supporting local groups on campaigns to promote and protect our natural landscape and marine environment, and encourage positive action on climate change through education and community engagement.

Support for Outback QLD

People and nature in our Outback Australia need more support. Its diverse landscapes support unique wildlife and hard-working families who rely on healthy landscapes to prosper. Click the link below to see the site.

New MP for Maiwar and the Queensland Greens

In late 2017 Michael Berkman became the first Greens member to be elected to the Legislative Assembly of Queensland in the seat of Maiwar in Brisbane's inner-west. We had the privilege of launching his online digital toolkit using NationBuilder. Check out the site by clicking the link below.