october 2019

Climate strike supporters

The global climate strikes were massive, and we were glad to be able to make our own small contribution with this simple site, designed to help people create, find and join community outreach events across Australia in preparation for the big day.

Multicultural Australia

It has been a pleasure working with the good folk at Essential Media on the creation of the new website for Multicultural Australia, a legendary organisation that for 21 years has been welcoming refugees, people seeking asylum, international students and other new arrivals to Queensland with the goal of creating a fairer, more prosperous society for all Queenslanders.

Outback in Focus Photo Competition

Everyone loves a good photo, and we reckon a photo competition can be a great way to showcase the beauty, vibrancy and importance of what it is you’re fighting for, at the same time as providing another avenue for supporters to get involved. Our Living Outback have opened the voting for their “people’s choice” award, and we were happy to help out with the digital ballot box.

NationBuilder discounts

We recently signed an alliance agreement with NationBuilder which gives us the ability to start offering NationBuilder subscriptions to our clients, at a reduced rate. If you’re looking to switch to NationBuilder, create a new site, or need ongoing NationBuilder support, let us know and we can try and save you some money on subscription fees at the same time :)

Code Nation Crew

It has been a big couple of months for staff movements. Growth Director Paddy McCann has returned to his UK base from a few months’ sojourn in Queensland, Art Director Lully Duque was homeward bound to Bogota, and I have relocated to Sydney after five years in Asia. If you’re ever in the neighbourhood, feel free to get in touch!

Find out why your supporters unsubscribing by creating an exit survey

As campaigners, we fight hard for and cherish every email address added to our list. When those supporters unknowingly opt-out of emails or hit the unsubscribe button we are often left in the dark, questioning where we went wrong. Here's how we learn from those mistakes by implementing an exit survey.