Email auto-correct in website forms

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Email auto-correct in website forms

Campaigners all understand the importance of high quality data, especially when it comes to engaging supporters online and contacting them en masse. Recently we've spent some time creating a few tools to help organisations improve their data quality and minimise email bounce rates.

Our aim is always to automate processes where possible, and to make new tools available across the board so all our progressive clients can benefit from each advance and improvement. With that in mind we've added a special email auto-correct tool, which is live in all the themes we create from day one.

Email auto-correction in action

When your supporter types in their email address with an accidental typo in the domain name they will be prompted with a suggested correction. For example, "[email protected]" will lead to a prompt suggesting "[email protected]".

The supporter can then simply click the link included in the prompt to instantly update the email field with the suggested correction. You can see a screenshot of that feature in action on an example site below:

Example auto-correct

As an added bonus, the tool will offer up suggestions for second and top-level domains too. For example, when a supporter types in "[email protected]" they will be prompted with a suggested correction to "". If only the second-level domain is misspelled, it will be corrected independently of the top-level domain (so "[email protected]" can be easily corrected to "[email protected]").

We implement this feature across all pages to ensure it goes live in every form, including petitions, donations and event RSVPs. Our clients have found it invaluable for preventing errors in signup information across their sites, and in reducing email bounces when sending blasts to supporters. Get in touch if you'd like a hand adding this solution to your site!

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