Featured hack: Making web pages editable in your browser

Want to make a quick edit to a mockup or play around with the text from a web page, without having control panel access? You can follow these quick steps to make any web page editable via a handy bookmark in your browser (the changes will be for your own display of course, not to how the page appears publicly). 

To make a page editable you can: 

  1. Select CMD + D to edit a bookmark. 
  2. On the Edit Bookmark popup that appears, select More
  3. Enter the name of the new bookmark (e.g. “Make editable)
  4. Paste the following line of code into the URL line: javascript:document.body.contentEditable %3D %27true%27%3B document.designMode%3D%27on%27%3B void 0
  5. When you are on a page where you would click to edit the text, click the bookmark.
  6. Now you can start replacing the text with anything you would like (note: to keep a copy of your creations, you’ll need to save the page as a PDF or take a screenshot - it will revert to the actual text when you refresh). 

PDF and web editing now only takes a click. Practical jokes on friends and family encouraged, but please use responsibly (we don’t want to contribute to the fake news cycle!).