Supporting Australia's national environment organisation

The Australian Conservation Foundation (ACF) is Australia’s national environment organisation, pushing for bold solutions to climate change and habitat destruction. We are proud that we have been able to support their advocacy efforts over the past few years - especially during crucial election seasons. Our services have included the creation of custom pages to drive volunteers to action, as well as the development of several backend tools to help coordinate the work of those volunteers.

Principal among those backend tools were two custom organising platforms that offer NationBuilder integrations for engaging ACF supporters and volunteers. “Boothy” manages all of ACF’s election day volunteers (who hand out environmental scorecards to voters on polling day), assigning them to polling places and generating full volunteer rosters for each booth. “Action Centre” enables ACF to leverage the force of distributed organising. The platform empowers volunteers to organise and lead their own groups - giving them the ability to run their own events, email and message fellow supporters - all while safeguarding supporter details.

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